Our modest list of services to suit all your digital needs

Background Removal / Changing

In product images, An apt background is of utmost importance to showcase your product in the intended way. This is going to make the entire process labor intensive and expensive. We, At FixTheVisual can simulate any desired background that goes well with your brand.

Jewellery Photo Editing

Jewellery as a product has to be showcased elegantly, Be it on Models, Mannequins or Photos, Acute detailing is necessary to highlight each and every contour to give a life-like feel of the product to captivate the onlookers.

Image Masking/Clipping Path

Raw product photos might have unwanted objects in the background which may steal focus away from the product. We use image masking and clipping path design technique to isolate the desired image in order to showcase it in the best way possible

Shadow Editing

Product images look unattractive in their raw form, therefore shadow editing is necessary to create depth in a photo and make it look more realistic as it emulates how natural lighting plays on an object in reality.


Professional product photoshoots can be challenging due to environmental limitations such as bad lighting and locations. So we clean up existing product images that requires color & light correction, skin texture improvement, shadow & marks removal and feature enhancements

Ghost / Mannequin Editing

This solution is for displaying your products on existing models/mannequins of varying sizes and ethnicities to give an idea of how the product will look in reality so that your customer can purchase it accordingly and thus reducing product returns

3D Model Generation

This solution offers 3D models in different ethnicities, shapes, sizes and poses for you to choose from so that your products can be displayed on models without having to worry about photoshoot costs.